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Cook 'N' Kettle

The Cook 'N' Kettle brand has been dedicated to providing

quality cast-iron grills and accessories since 1947. Find a

kettle that meets your needs and own a piece of barbeque history .


When two friends combined their love of hunting dogs and quality barbeque, 3 Dog Barbeque was born. While their families celebrated the Fourth of July together in 2013, Mike and Brian fired up a vintage cast iron grill that had been in Mike’s family for years. One mouth-watering brisket and several cocktails later, the two men started 3 Dog Barbeque, a company dedicated to bringing back a time-honored piece of Southern barbeque history. 3 Dog Barbeque is now the proud parent company of Cook‘N’Kettle, rumored to be the first commercially marketed grill in America, dating back to 1947 and offering the only cast iron products of its kind on the market.